Install Arduino IDE 1.6.10 on Ubuntu 16.04

Arduino IDE is a free, open-source IDE software developed by the Arduino Team for those that want to create DIY, Arduino-based projects. The IDE itself contains a text editor for writing code and send compile code to Arduino board.

in this session, i will installing Arduino IDE in Linux Ubuntu 16.04. Why i choose ubuntu for doing some Arduino experiments lab??? Because i think in linux system we can do many things, for example .make .makefile etc.

The easiest way to install up to date Arduino IDE packages on Ubuntu 16.04 is downloading IDE from and you can choose linux 64 bits or 32 bit depends your linux OS.

After downloading you must extract thats file, and go to the folder,  install using :


and dont forget because you should open serial port without root user access, you must setup access serial with :

sudo usermod -a -G dialout <yourusername>

sudo chmod a+rw /dev/<yourserialportnumber>


for example :

username : septa

serial port number : /dev/tty/ACM0

arduino install

done 😀



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