Convert VDI (Virtualbox Image) to VHD (HyperV-Disk)

Today we will import our VDI (Virtualbox disk image) file to VHD (Virtual Disk Hyper-V Microsoft). This step one by one will describe:

1) Always better to uninstall VB guest additions tools from virtual machine. This may cause issue on VPC.

2) VirtualBox snapshots keep separate VDI files for each machine.  So if you convert the original base VDI file, you will not get the latest state of virtual machine. Also, you can’t convert snapshot VDI files separately.  Therefore it’s recommended to delete snapshots, which will allow to merge current machine’s state to single original disk file.

3) After completing above two steps, run the following command

C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox>VBoxManage.exe clonehd "D:\Septa\vbox\ubuntuClone.vdi" D:\Septa\vbox\OpenLDAP.vhd --format VHDWinXP.vdi – Working VM hard disk


4) Import to your Hyper-V server.



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