Download Youtube / streaming without tools @ linux

Many people looking for tools to download youtube video or another online video. Maybe you should know websites like that can help us to download youtube video. Or maybe you know DownloadHelper, an addons for Mozilla Firefox to download any media from a website. But, do you know that we can download youtube or another online video, like metacafe, google video, etc, from our linux by using Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox? I’ll show you how to do that. It’s very simple.

The only thing you need is browser (i use Google Chrome) and working internet connection. First thing you must do is open the video with Chrome. And then play/buffer it till finished. After that, just look into your /tmp folder and find video file with “Flash” prefix in its name. You can play it directly with your linux media player like gMPlayer or Totem.

It’s really simple, isn’t it? This method also worked in protected video. As long as you can play the video, you can also download it to your computer. :) . But don’t forget not to close the browser when you haven’t copied the video to another folder. Because when the browser closed, the file in /tmp will be gone too.

Refrence :


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