Configure IOS Cisco With Linux

For newbie in Cisco like me, tutorial like this is really needed. Before writing this post, i even don’t know how to open Cisco terminal 😀 . But after get some help from my friend, i can update the IOS by myself 😀 . In Windows, you can use HyperTerminal to help you configure Cisco Router. But how can you do that in linux?

There are 2 alternatives as far as i know. You can use minicom or cutecom as HyperTerminal alternatives. The difference between those two is minicom is text based and cutecom has a nice GUI. But no difference in their functionalities. To use this program you must know the setup configuration to run this program. Below is the main config in order to open your cisco router :

* Baud Rate : 9600
* Data Bits : 8
* Stop Bits : 1
* Parity : None
* Handshake : None (Not Hardware and Not Software)

If you use minicom for the first time,just type minicom -s to setup minicom for the first time. If you use Serial-To-USB cable, your device maybe connected to /dev/ttyUSB0. If you use cutecom, just type /dev/ttyUSB0 in the ‘device’ dropdown box. After that, use your favourite browser to open Cisco Documentation. It’s really good for beginner.


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